Most Popular Brands of Metal Detectors

Whether you’re looking for the best underwater metal detector or intend to use the product elsewhere, you’ll want to consider the manufacturer. This factor is important for several reasons. If the manufacturer isn’t reputable, you’ll never be able to receive an answer to any of your questions. You’ll also have a terrible time attempting to take advantage of the warranty. Below, you’ll discover a breakdown of the top brands on the market.


Bounty Hunter

bounty hunter tk4

Bounty Hunter is one of the leading brands in the industry and is widely regarded as the most versatile. The company is actually a part of the First Texas Products LLC, which manufactures an assortment of consumer electronics such as night vision gear. The company’s products are sold throughout the world and have grown popularity in Europe, Latin America, Australia, and even the Middle East. The Texas-based organization was originally founded in 1999 and they’ve been impressing treasure hunters around the world ever since.

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are great, because they’re usually classified based on their ease of use. So, if you’re looking for the best beginner metal detector, you can easily check out the company’s starter metal detectors and find what you’re looking for. The company’s lineup caters to all levels of expertise, including beginners and even serious hunters.




Garrett is an American-based metal detector manufacturer, which has been in the game since 1964. The company was founded by Eleanor and Charles Garrett. The pair has always focused on delivering the most efficient metal detecting technology to those that truly need it. Their products are widely utilized throughout the world and serve an assortment of sectors. For instance, they’re often used by the military to detect mines and IEDs. They’re also used by security personnel to detect weaponry on criminals and terrorists. And of course, the company’s metal detectors are used by sportsman, who wish to hunt for gold and coins.

The company’s offerings are diverse and each is very reliable. Whether you wish to hunt in water or through the wilderness, you can guarantee Garrett will have something to accommodate your needs.




Fisher is one of the longest running manufacturers of metal detectors. They’ve been in the game since 1931 and have continued to revolutionize the industry ever since. The company manufactures an assortment of devices, including leak correlators, water level indicators, and leak detectors. The company caters to various sectors, including security, utility, and sports. If you’re looking for the best metal detector money can buy, it would be a good idea to check the offerings from Fisher.

The company’s products are reliable and they offer an impressive 5-year warranty on the majority of their metal detectors.




Minelab’s first metal detector was launched in 1985 in Australia and for the following decade they were focusing on gold detection as Australia is well known for its rich gold mining. Since 1994 Minelab has producing treasure hunting detectors. Countermine detectors are the another production line.

If you want to focus on gold hunting check Minelab metal detectors. The price range is from USD 100 to 900.


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